ZEN is a unique product. As the former general manager for the Arizona Diamondbacks, I would tell all my players to use ZEN, it’s the only pain relief product for me!

World Series MVP
Negro League Hall of Famer
3X World Series Champion

-Keenan Allen

I use it before and after every game. No product I’ve used is this effective.


I first used Zen Balm when I injured my shoulder in the pool playing with my grandbaby. I was fascinated by how quickly it took the pain away that I started using before and my workouts when I started my 2-a-days. I keep it in my car, in the house, and in my purse. I have officially #FoundMyZEN

– Mary Ann Duganiero-Henry

I have severe arthritis in both knees. I have had shots twice in them that did not work. I have been on ZEN for 3 weeks now and my knees are great. Will never get the shots again. This is the only thing I found that works.

– Audrey Thomas

This stuff works wonders!!! My knee had been hurting awfully bad for 2 weeks. I had made a doctor’s appointment because I couldn’t take the pain anymore. Someone recommended ZEN with coconut oil but they were out so I bought this one. I applied it and wrapped my knee that night. When I woke up the next morning pain was gone.

– Heather Lynn Frampton

I had developed adhesive capsulitis aka frozen shoulder in my right shoulder, then in my left shoulder last year. ZEN was very helpful in pain relief, often making it possible for me to fall asleep. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly small jar. It doesn’t take much to do the job. Thank you!

– Fil Cruz

Tried ZEN. So far the best relief balm I have tried. My sciatica and rheumatoid pains and carpel tunnel are getting relief. I have to apply it often, but it works except on the bony part of my lower back. I will recommend it. Try it.

– Terrell Rackley

I have been using the product for over a year. My career is extremely labor intense and it has done wonders for my soreness and has helped to accelerate my recovery period after long days.

– Nodalis Dallas Raya

I have to say thank you. I have neuropathy because of my type 2 diabetes and the pain sometimes is really bad. I went to Rite Aid and I got it and I have to say this really is helping me out. I rub it on my feet and my legs and within 10 minutes I have no more pain. Thank you thank you thank you so much ZEN.

– Danny Crayton

ZEN is amazing. As I get older I need a quick relief that last all day. At 41 years old I’m taking bumps and bruises in practice and at work. Some morning it’s hard to get up, and that’s when ZEN helps me out. All my MMA fighters have ZEN in their gym bags. ZEN Sports Balm has supported our local non-profit with a dash, here in Parker, AZ. Try ZEN you’ll feel the relief!

find your zen!

ZEN Balms are all natural topical analgesics that are formulated with the highest quality essential oils and botanicals to create the most powerful pain reliever available today without a prescription. Our proven safe and effective ingredients are combined together with our special proprietary blending process, to create a balm that is actually good for your body, as it releases its all natural healing powers.

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